Renee Lee Fisher is a Bestselling Author that has been working on bringing these Romance stories to life. 

          Renee resides in Eagleville, Pennsylvania.  She has been very happily married for many years. She cherishes her husband who is very supportive of her writing.  She adores her cat Nyah.  She has also written the books, From the Vine ( a collection of short stories) and Cody and the Pumpkin Truck ( a children's book)., lyrics and magazine articles.  Recently she produced the cd "Simply Mad."


            Renee also writes  and performs original wedding ceremonies along with creating the wedding vows. This can be found on her website -



Renee Lee Fisher Author & Sarah Blackburn Personal Assistant
Author Renee Lee Fisher  and Sarah Blackburn, Personal Assistant all set up to welcome the readers. 
It is such a pleasure to meet and greet readers at the author book signing events.  I know, I smile all day during an event.  I think I enjoy traveling to various cities and venues as much as the readers do to meet their favorite author and get acquainted with new authors.

Look to the NY Skies and Believe!!!

This heart was a present for me from a very special little girl.  I treasure it and everyone should share some XOXO with another. 

Cheers to Love, Romance and many more great stories to tell.

"If your heart is full of LOVE, you will always have something to give."

                                                           Love, Renee xo