The Final Two Books planned in The Heartbeat Series-

First Bass & First Taste 

are still to follow and check the status of these Heartbeat Series characters.

First Bass (Book Five of the Heartbeat Series)

Cecile (Madison's friend/Literary Agent) and Kent (Bass Player of the Band) their story. Cecile  lets her friends in on a secret about herself...she is still a virgin.  On the other hand the popular, sexy, bass player Kent is falling in love for the first time. 

Will Cecile move forward with Kent and far past first base in their relationship?  Or will the sudden arrival of her past boyfriend hinder her new relationship? Cecile has fallen deeply for Kent, but her heart has always held a place for her first true love.

Who will the odds favor, the new musician boyfriend?  Or the past true love she still carries a flame for. Place your bets and read this storyline to who wins her heart.

First Taste (Book Six of the Heartbeat Series)

After experiencing a horrible encounter and you are left frightened... you think you will never find your soul mate, and certainly never let anyone get close to you again. 

That one love of your life may pass you by.  They could be a breath away, so close you could feel them but not see them through your own eyes.  You dream of  them...your lips taste them...your  body craves them...

Meet Tristan Payne who is a very sexy, single, unknown singer living in the Big Apple so full of people and yet his world is a very lonely place.  Also, meet Tabby Rae  is an incredibly lovely girl, so colorful, living content within her safe cyberworld space.  There she can remain feeling involved without any real human touch.  

It will take a thought  that passes briefly in the mind of a romance writer to make love happen beyond her written pages and possibly become a reality. They will make you Believe there may be someone for everyone.

Another Suspense Romance - Destined - Love worth believing.  
Coming Soon.
Cover Photographer - Werner Tedesco
Delicate Despair  - A fragile love 
Coming 2019.
                    Jovie Maddox will warm your heart.                     
Cover Photographer - JW Photography
& Cover Model - Amanda Joan